throwing the baby into the bathwater

for many people, their children’s first dip into the ganges is a major life event. the ceremony might begin with tonsuring – i.e., shaving the baby’s head – and then the parent or grandparent carries the baby into the river. for some, a splash on the legs is enough; for others, only full immersion will do. either way, the baby isn’t going to be happy about it.

20130218_Allahabad_008 20130218_Allahabad_013 20130218_Allahabad_016 20130218_Allahabad_017
see how much fun this is? i guess not. and again, not so much fun.
20130218_Allahabad_077 20130218_Allahabad_079 20130218_Allahabad_081
the legs are okay … … but not in the face!
20130218_Allahabad_030 20130218_Allahabad_087 20130218_Allahabad_158
some babies don’t handle head-shaving as well as others. fortunately, by the time they get older, bath time isn’t so traumatic.

next: the sadhus take a bath.

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