more marching with the sadhus

after the adventures described in the previous post, the rest of the event went fairly smoothly.  i didn’t get down to the river bank in time to see the sadhus bathing (and in fact was kept from pursuing them by the police who were stationed at the entries to the bathing area), but once they came back out of the water, i moved in.  a few times i was pushed on by police or by sadhu-minders, but for the most part no one was bothered by my camera – in fact, quite the opposite.

20130215_Allahabad_311 20130215_Allahabad_323 20130215_Allahabad_351
the fancy sadhus (the “god-men”) were coming in on their trucks as the naga babas were leaving. coming out of the water. later, they put ash on the dog.
20130215_Allahabad_358 20130215_Allahabad_365 20130215_Allahabad_382
didn’t mind the photography. definitely didn’t mind the photography. celebrating with a very fancy chilam.
20130215_Allahabad_411 20130215_Allahabad_417 20130215_Allahabad_420
on the way back to the camp. a group of pilgrims. traffic jam on the procession route.
20130215_Allahabad_447 20130215_Allahabad_473 20130215_Allahabad_496
again, didn’t mind the photography. some sadhus get initiated at a very young age. a group of us looked at this photo and think that the crawling sadhu is unable to walk, and the others are keeping his hair out of the dirt.  either that, or he’s a pledge.
20130215_Allahabad_502 20130215_Allahabad_512 20130215_Allahabad_533
women get in on the act as well.  a group of female sadhus. one of the god-men, with advertising. the line of god-men vehicles was pretty long, and the traffic backed up considerably.

next: the penis trick.