next jallikattu

note: i am editing the format of the blog, so it should be easier to read. send comments if it’s still a problem. tuesday: the date was 17 january, and we headed out to a second jallikattu in the village of siravayal. on the way, we stopped for breakfast in thirupattur (or tiruppattur), which is a relatively large village in the area, and the posters hung all around town trumpeted that it was m.g.r.’s birthday. m.g. ramachandran (17 jan. 1917 – 24 dec. 1987) was a hugely popular tamil film actor who became a major political figure in tamil nadu….


this past week, i drove down to madurai to attend two days of jallikattu – an indian bull-taming contest. in a jallikattu contest, young indian men try to grab a bull by the hump on its back and hold on for as long as possible. traditionally, indian men would take part in a jallikattu as a test of strength, or to win the hand of prettiest girl in the village. the season begins after the pongal harvest festival in mid-january, and the bulls that are trained for jallikattu come from a specific breed of cattle known for its pugnaciousness. sunday: i drove down from…

kissy face

cooper has a friend on the beach that we call “kissy face” for obvious reasons. i’m not sure if she’s in love with cooper or just wants to know what he’s been eating, but she’s awfully persistent – and thorough. cooper puts on his scary face and acts like he’s just tolerating the attention, but somehow i get the feeling he actually likes it.

chennai open 2012

this past week (2-8 january), abby and i went to the chennai open, the largest atp tournament in asia. it was a week of some amazing tennis. the finals came down to the 1st and 4th seeds, janko tipsarevic of serbia and milos raonic of canada (pictured in that order as they entered the stadium). tipsarevic was the better all-around player; raonic had a lot of trouble placing his shots – i lost count of the number of unforced errors he made – but he also had a killer serve that was almost always unreturnable.  each of the three sets…

“compelling” images? you decide.

i’ve just signed up for some online courses with an outfit called “the compelling image.” for their sample lesson, i was instructed to take two shots that incorporate various described compositional techniques to create images with visual impact, rather than the equivalent of snapshots of uncle fred by the side of the house. i didn’t think it right to submit shots i’d already done, so i went out today and grabbed a few shots. compelling? who knows. it’ll be interesting to read the professionals’ feedback. happy new year. i only had to submit two, so i didn’t include the third…