the golden temple by day

the next day, we went back to the golden temple to tour it properly. that same first view in the daylight. more people walking around the tank. more views of the temple from across the tank. “you are there” – in line to enter the temple. the exterior is covered in gold, with inlaid marble reminiscent of the taj mahal. you can’t photograph inside, of course, but the interior is even more splendid: gold, intricate painted designs, and a copy of the adi granth under a brilliantly embroidered canopy. a sikh meditating on the top level of the temple. if…

the golden temple at night

just after thanksgiving, we went up to amritsar, to visit the golden temple, sikhism’s holiest site. our visit coincided with guru nanak jayanti, the birthday of the founder of the sikh religion, guru nanak dev ji, so we were treated to the temple lit with fairy lights, and fireworks. the exterior of the golden temple, which is under construction. even with the lights – an unexpected decoration which gave the whole thing a las vegas feel – the exterior didn’t prepare us for this amazing view. it was quite crowded. visitors to the temple walk clockwise around the water tank….

a quickie

i recently bought a diana lens – the same plastic lens as is found on the diana cameras from the ’60s – for my nikon d700. and it just so happened that a procession for the god ayyappam was walking by the house tonight. so let’s see what happens. next: amritsar

the indian museum in kolkata

back to kolkata: on my last day there, i visited the indian museum, which was founded in 1814. to me, the indian museum is the quintessential old museum: the type of place you can just wander around and peer into ancient cases. if you’ve ever needed to know what a lump of quartz-magnetite-actinolite-schist or a pseudolioceras fossil looks like, the indian museum is the place for you. the ancient stone carvings are well displayed and comprehensively labelled; once you leave the hall, things become a little more haphazard, and when you get into the natural history and geology sections, it…