A post for August 31

Unbidden, I take pixel to hand and sit at the computer. At the moment, I’m running a 101° fever and have discovered a potential hiatal hernia, so I’m not at my best.

It’s been a difficult month, relatively speaking. Abby is between two visits from HQ, so she has had to put in a lot of hours. There has been no work for me since everyone (the development organizations included) takes the summer off, and it seems that Mapo has either folded or is on the verge of doing so. I have an application in for a paid position with UNDP as a photographer, but since I don’t meet the five years’ professional experience requirement, I can only hope that the quality of my work outshines that of the other applicants; and while I’m good, I’m not quite that good yet. And the tearing up of our sidewalks and curbs goes into its third month with little discernable progress; I’m betting on December for something which would have been done in a week back home.

Next week we go on vacation to Vienna and Prague with Abby’s parents, so there will be more to write and hopefully some good photographs.