tent life

apart from processions and interesting acrobatics, the sadhus just hung out in their camps and went about their business. at times, pilgrims would come to the sadhus’ tents for blessings. the sadhu on the left is placing ash on the forehead of a follower. the photo on the right shows one sadhu who was born with a spinal deformation; this may have made him more holy in some manner. otherwise, life out of the spotlight was pretty mundane. the sadhus ate, smoked, drank tea and talked. there was a second class of sadhu, however, that didn’t stay in large established…

just some sadhu portraits

so, to take a breather from the last post, let’s just look at some sadhu portraits. the first guy was typical of the many mendicant sadhus at the kumbh mela in that he was willing to pose, but only for money; the next one was simply grooming after his bath, and ignored me. clearly, he’d been busy, but he wasn’t there to beg, either. the next two are baba nagas (including one who is out of “costume”). next: tent life