Albania Time

A quick post: Still no internet at my house. &nbspThe engineer from the company we want to use was scheduled to come yesterday. &nbspHe showed up at 4:45, looked at where the satellite dish would go, and then announced that there was some kind of problem connecting with the antenna located in the mountains – the same mountains, mind you, that you can see in the photographs from the previous blog entry. &nbspAnd the same antenna that services the satellite dish located exactly at the house next door, from where I’m writing at the moment. &nbspSo theoretically they are working on a “technical solution” which they hope to have by the end of the week. &nbspThen today, I was supposed to bring the dog to the veterinarian for his next shot. &nbspWe didn’t have a time scheduled, so I called in the morning to set something up. &nbspThe doctor was out, supposed to be back at 2:00, so I called then; at that point, he was supposed to be back at 4:00. &nbspIt’s 3:00 now; the jury’s still out.

Meanwhile, I’m unpacking our household effects, which arrived last week. &nbspI have lost count of the boxes that I’ve opened, and I’ve developed a new appreciation for living simply with as few possessions as possible. &nbspUnfortunately, it would take a comet falling on the house to launch us into such a state of existence.

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