Kala Petrela

Last Friday, we met a college friend of Abby’s who came to Albania as a missionary in 1991 and is now developing residential real estate (God apparently doesn’t pay very well). &nbspHe took us out toward Elbasan, and we came to Kala Petrela which at one point had been part of the local defensive structure and now, with the later addition of a wooden structure, is a restaurant. &nbspAlthough he and Abby already knew each other well, I knew we had something in common too (besides the Penn connection) when we arrived at the base of the castle and both took out our cell phones to start snapping pictures. &nbspWe ate very well – peppers and cheese, salad, goat stew cooked in a clay pot, pork fillets, and cold beer.

The castle

View from the walls

View into the valley