the golden temple by day

the next day, we went back to the golden temple to tour it properly.

20121129_amritsar_005 20121129_amritsar_017 20121129_amritsar_147 20121129_amritsar_206
that same first view in the daylight. more people walking around the tank. more views of the temple from across the tank.
20121129_amritsar_159 20121129_amritsar_193 20121129_amritsar_168 20121129_amritsar_181
“you are there” – in line to enter the temple. the exterior is covered in gold, with inlaid marble reminiscent of the taj mahal. you can’t photograph inside, of course, but the interior is even more splendid: gold, intricate painted designs, and a copy of the adi granth under a brilliantly embroidered canopy. a sikh meditating on the top level of the temple. if it weren’t for the green plastic bag, this shot would have a timeless quality, but bags and water bottles are ubiquitous these days.

in addition to temple offices, the compound contains an enormous kitchen that feeds tens of thousands of people every day, around the clock, for free – sikhs and non-sikhs alike.

20121129_amritsar_043 20121129_amritsar_052 20121129_amritsar_071 20121129_amritsar_108
volunteers preparing vegetables. there were well over a hundred people peeling onions and garlic, shelling peas, and so on. the stove. the pots were enormous. women rolling out chapatis. the kitchen produces 50,000 chapatis daily – 20,000 by hand and 30,000 with machines.
20121129_amritsar_094 20121129_amritsar_117 20121129_amritsar_119 20121129_amritsar_145
artisanal chapati-making, by the women … … and by the men. this man is doing a final quality check by hand … … while these women checks the ones coming off the machine.


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