Friends here have told us, “It’s not a question of whether you have an accident in Albania, but when.” When was today at 3:09 PM, on our way back from a Hash, when we stopped on a winding mountain road because roadwork had reduced the way to a single lane of traffic. As we were waiting for the signalman to turn his sign from red to green, a van came around the bend behind us and, due to some combination of high speed and faulty brakes (neither of which is uncommon in Albania), plowed into the back of our car. The rear door was crushed, the bumper was flattened, and the back window vanished in a shower of auto glass, but no one was hurt.

Perplasje is Albanian, and onomatopoeic, for collision

Cooper surveys the damage

We actually think the other guy got the worst of it

Author: cohn17

Photographer and baker of macarons.

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