We got a dog on Saturday. &nbspAs early as our ride in from the airport on Tuesday, Paula and Wakie told us about a puppy that their neighbors on the Ridge had rescued. (“The Ridge” is Rilindja Ridge, and embassy-housing compound. &nbspIt looks like a well-done Virginia subdivision, and many of the embassy families with children live there.) &nbspOther embassy personnel sang his praises as well. &nbspWe met the puppy on Friday, took him home Saturday night, and renamed him Cooper.

I’ll post a photo once I have internet access from home, but to describe him, he has short dark gray and white fur, with a mottled nose and a circle around one eye; he may have a little bull terrier in him. &nbspHe came to us mostly housebroken, but he nips a lot; my hands are covered in scratches, and I’ve been working on showing him who the alpha dog is. &nbsp(Clearly, the jury is still out.) &nbspWe have started the training, however, and fortunately, despite his taste for human flesh, he has been good with the neighborhood children. &nbspAnd, as my family will understand, he has a hake.

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