Next Day

We woke up early. &nbspAbby headed off to work at 7:30 AM, and I left the house around 8:30 AM. &nbspThe plan had been to buy a newspaper, spend an hour or so sipping an espresso at one of the kafes, and make my way leisurely to the Embassy to check e-mail and otherwise see what was going on. &nbspThen I wouldthink of something else to do (all of our books and other household goods still being in transit, I don’t have a lot of options). &nbspAnd after 6 hours of walking the streets of Tirana and sitting in cafes, I realized something very important: there is a big difference between leisure and indolence, and if I don’t find regular work soon, I’m going to go out of my mind.

Author: cohn17

Photographer and baker of macarons.

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