Wat Muang – a big Buddha and another Hell garden

In August, I went with a friend to Ang Thong, a province about 100 km north of Bangkok. The province is known for its temples.

Most notable is Wat Muang, site of the largest sitting Buddha figure in Thailand—84 meters tall, sitting atop an eight-meter high pedestal.

To give another sense of perspective: the statue is enormous.

There is a mirrored sanctuary hall with wax figures of the deceased chief monk and his acolytes.

Wat Muang also has a Hell garden—a warning to immoral visitors of what will happen to them in the afterlife.

The kids don’t seem too worried; they must be very good children.

Also—you can see some cheerful recreations of earthly and heavenly battles.

Next: monkeys.

Author: cohn17

Photographer and baker of macarons.

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