One more about massages

This is a thing, apparently. Draw your own conclusions.

Despite all of the reflexology charts used to advertise foot massages, the massage places here don’t actually do reflexology; they just do foot massages. Having tried three different spas, I’ve learned that not all foot massages are created equal. Since there are seven different massage spas in the immediate neighborhood – at least six of which seem legit, I’m not so sure about the seventh – I have plenty of opportunities to find one that I like.

Speaking of feet, today I wandered into the backstreets off Sukhumvit (one of the major streets in Bangkok, and the closest to our apartment), and found myself on the grounds of the Thailand Tobacco Monopoly Company. The Thailand Tobacco Monopoly is a state-owned enterprise that, until the conclusion of the ASEAN free trade agreement, had the monopoly on the manufacture and sale of tobacco products in Thailand. Thailand now imports foreign cigarettes as well, but the company is still in business and the air is heavy with the smell of tobacco. That said, the place seemed deserted and there was little to see that wasn’t fenced off or closed up tight, until I came across this bunch of workers playing a feet-and-heads-only version of volleyball.

Tattoos are a big deal here. Zoom in for a better look.

Next: something that isn’t about massages.

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