the anatomical waxes

in tuscany, at the natural history museum, there is a collection of anatomical waxes. i quote directly from the placard at the museum:

unique in the world for the quantity and beauty of its pieces, this collection was the inspiration of the grand duke peter leopold of lorraine and felice fontana, the first director of the museum, who conceived it as a means of teaching anatomy without directly observing a corpse. it consists of more than 1400 pieces, done between 1771 and the second half of the 1800’s, contained in 550 showcases presently on display in 9 rooms.

enjoy, although possibly not immediately after eating.

20150523_tuscany_048 20150523_tuscany_055 20150523_tuscany_042 20150523_tuscany_046
20150523_tuscany_087 20150523_tuscany_079 20150523_tuscany_065 20150523_tuscany_085
20150523_tuscany_088 20150523_tuscany_070 20150523_tuscany_082 20150523_tuscany_066

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