more antiquities: the sanctuary and death oracle of poseidon tainarios

as we continued our journey through the peloponnese, we came to cape tainarios …

20141230_peloponnese_218 pano
… and, at its tip, the sanctuary and death oracle of poseidon tainarios. “death oracle of poseidon tainarios” sounds like the name of a swedish heavy metal band from the 90s, but it’s an actual archaeological site, albeit one that is fairly unassuming. apart from a pointing to the ruins, there is no information about how old the site is or how it was used, and the oracle site itself had a metal cover on it; an archaeologist we later met suggested that there may have been a water spout from an underwater cave at the oracle site.  other than that, i have not found any information about this site on the web, just hundreds of photos, to which i’m adding my own. quite the mystery.

20141230_peloponnese_258 20141230_peloponnese_249 20141230_peloponnese_277
this was the easy part of the path.

from there, we set out for the modern-day lighthouse, 2 kilometers away. the weather was already pretty bad, however, and the rain and the wind only picked up tremendously, with gusts of (i’m guessing here) 20-30 mph. we made it three-quarters of the way before the winds and the treacherous path made it too difficult to continue. perhaps our dog’s trespassing on the site angered the god.

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