another wall

i must have mentioned somewhere that on august 21, i had my first gallery show.  i displayed 11 photographs – five abstract close-up shots of the paint and posters on building exteriors that, over the years, have worn away into interesting patterns; and six more literal close-ups of hindu shrines, alleys, trees and the like.  the above shot is another in the vein of the abstracts.  i’m really enjoying looking for “found art” on the walls of chennai, even though none of these were purchased at the gallery show.  artists are never understood in their time – except for the ones that are, of course.

we recently moved to a new apartment that is closer to the other consulate residences and to better restaurants.  we’re still surrounded by boxes since we’re making a concerted effort to sort and purge our stuff, but we’re much happier here.  if nothing else, we’re no longer stuck in the old traffic patterns, which means that every trip takes about 20 minutes less than it did when we were in our house.  the dog has a good-sized yard in which to chase it, the mysterious thing in our garden that he fruitlessly hunted for the first year; it seems to have come with us.

i go to bhutan on next week via kolkata (calcutta).  photos to come.

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