13 july 2011

a roasted corncob that had been dropped in the sand

the sunlight was good this past wednesday morning – hazy, not too strong – so i went to the beach with my camera instead of going to yoga. for all the shooting i did, my favorite shot was this one, which i took with a faux macro lens.  there hasn’t been much else going on here – i’m volunteering as an esl teacher for a private company, teaching adults, and that’s been a lot more fun than i’d expected it would be. the news elsewhere has not been so good, and the mumbai explosions earlier this week were a shock, but fortunately abby (who is working up there on temporary assignment) was nowhere near the neighborhoods where the bombs went off. so i’m photographing corncobs and looking for my next inspiration. 

Author: cohn17

Photographer and baker of macarons.

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