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I’ve been trying to improve my photography, and since I’m working with film, I’m also trying (a) to find someone who can teach me to use a darkroom so I can have more control over what I produce and (b) to decide whether to go digital instead of scanning my film negatives. There are billions of pixels devoted to the debate between film and digital photography – which one is “better” – and although I’m a Luddite at heart, I’ll probably cave and buy a digital SLR this fall, and it will be obsolete by the time I get it out of the box.

But as I ponder these crucial questions, I also have to decide what to do with the photos that I already have. Since I can’t think of any other venue for them, I’ve started an anonymous (and open to anyone) blog for my “artistic” shots:

Author: cohn17

Photographer and baker of macarons.

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