Fine times in the Hague

Blogger won’t let me upload my photos for part 2 of the Bratislava trip, so I’ll interrupt the blog to say that while we were in the Netherlands last weekend, we had what may have been the best meal I’ve had in years: we were in the Hague, at a restaurant called It Rains Fishes, and we had a paired five course menu. We started with two pieces of tekkamaki encrusted with sesame seeds and a lobster and seaweed salad, followed by prawns, then lightly braised scallops, then an incredible halibut with bok choy and black-and-white noodles in a truffle sauce – each paired with variously white wines – and we ended with a trio of chocolate desserts that was paired with a Pedro Jimenez sherry that was out of this world. Truly fabulous.

The rest of the trip was great as well. Apart from dinner, the highlight was a visit to the Mauritshaus, which is a small but excellent collection of Dutch painting also in the Hague. Anyway, as soon as Blogger gets back to normal, I’ll finish the Bratislava story, and then it’s on to a story about goats.

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