New parenting; new photos

I was playing ball with Cooper, and I threw the ball against the wall of the house so it would bounce off and he would chase it – this seems to be the way he likes to do it, since he’s not much of a ball-chaser otherwise. The ball ricochet’d off and hit him right in the eye at close range, and he yelped. I saw that his eyelid was clearly not where it should be and I panicked, immediately canceling my afternoon plans so I could rush him down to the vet. However, after a few minutes, he’d rubbed his eye with his paw and calmed down, and 15 minutes later you wouldn’t think anything had happened to him. He’s now sedately chewing on a dried cow’s ear and I’m blogging about my over-reaction. Granted, Cooper’s had his share of dog bites and tick removals lately, so I’m sensitive to possible injuries, and I want to watch for any swelling; but this episode just proves that I’d be absolutely hopeless with a baby.

Updated 1 April: New photos by Abby.

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