Food for thought …

… as I ponder Corporate Social Responsibility. It’s old news, but I doubt things have changed much in a year.

Also, last week, Cooper and I were surrounded by some territorial, vicious street dogs as we left the park and were attempting a shortcut through their turf. I began shouting and growling at them – this usually scares off the unfriendly dogs in the park – but one of them bit Cooper before they backed off enough for us to get away. We think he’ll have a scar on his leg, but otherwise he’s all right.

I also read that the price of electricity is going to go up as high as 70% for homes and businesses using 300 KwH or more per month. Bakeries are exempt, since people are already up in arms over the recent increases in bread prices, and supposedly so are low-income households because (again, supposedly) they don’t use 300 KwH each month. On the other hand, the electric company loses about one-third of its output each month because customers either steal their electricity or don’t pay for what they use.

One way or another, everyone gets a bite taken out of them.

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