A Walk in the Park

Abby and I have started taking Cooper to the Parku i Madh, the big park, in town. It’s a bit overgrown, with lots of footpaths and hills and a lake – a great place for the dog to run. (Yesterday we met a few other dog owners, and once we saw them let their dogs of their leashes, we followed suit, and learned that Cooper does come when called.) The one worrying thing is that many wild dogs live in the park, and while most of them are relatively friendly, some aren’t, and one of them bit Cooper today. Fortunately, there was no permanent harm done. Although it might sound harsh, for me this is just another lesson in socialization that Cooper has to learn.

One of the park sections contains the burial grounds of a group of British soldiers killed in Albania during World War II. It was a bit moving, especially on a cold grey morning, and I was surprised to come across it. I then walked a few steps further and found a burial grounds for a group of German soldiers also killed in Albania during World War II. At least neither side feels left out.

Author: cohn17

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