Immersion Trip: Day 7

Good Lord, I am the worst blogger ever … today’s June 3 and I’m still on April 20.

Today we visited two outdoor markets. &nbspThe second market is the village market (Treg Fshatari) where they had the most amazing food – gorgeous fruits and vegetables, and fresh meat. &nbspYou know the meat is fresh because the butcher puts the skinned head of the unlucky donor on the counter … &nbspNote the old-fashioned scale in the second photo.

I spent the rest of the day meeting people, and then went to the Marine House for happy hour where I met more people. &nbspThe night ended with dinner at King’s House, this time with all sorts of ex-pats. &nbspThis is a weekly event. &nbspIn addition to us, there were people from Bulgaria, Finland, England, and probably some other countries, but we didn’t meet everyone, and after the raki I probably wouldn’t have remembered anyway.

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