old people and farm animals, part 2

while we were in baia mare, we drove around the maramureș region. maramureș is known for, among other things, maramureș gates, which are massive carved gates standing in front of houses. one finds the gates in rural areas and suburban villages alike, and even if the house itself is modest, the gate looks impressive.

20160404_Romania_109 20160404_Romania_412
(rainbow not included)

we walked through the village of harnicesti where we met these women, who were hilarious. apparently, most of what they were saying was pretty ribald (for example, one of them announced that “when you die, the only things that matter is the places you went and the people you f***ed”). the one with the facial expressions could have been some kind of minnie pearl/amy schumer mashup had she been born in a different time and place.

20160404_Romania_066 20160404_Romania_092 20160404_Romania_09820160404_Romania_09920160404_Romania_100

from there, we found another farm with goats and sheep. i didn’t get the name of the family.

20160404_Romania_136 20160404_Romania_141 20160404_Romania_150 20160404_Romania_183

next, we met ileana – who had a dog, but no livestock – and she invited us in to see all the trousseau work she had done over the years.

20160404_Romania_245 20160404_Romania_230 20160404_Romania_257 20160404_Romania_260 20160404_Romania_263

finally, we met vasile and his wife, who were shearing sheep – and passing around the palinka, a fruit brandy that tasted (and burned) very much like albania raki. i had never seen sheep being sheared before – once the wool is cut from the sheep, it almost peels off in a solid, felted sheet. the sheep didn’t look overly uncomfortable while it was being sheared, and i’m sure it felt a lot better once it was done.

20160404_Romania_482 20160404_Romania_497 20160404_Romania_506-2
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in all, quite the busy day.