the first cemetery of athens

the first cemetery of athens, opened in 1837, was – in its day – the “luxurious” cemetery for the city. many greek and foreign notables are buried there, including the actress melina mercouri; andreas and george papandreou, father-and-son prime ministers; georgios papadopoulos, the dictator during the junta period; heinrich schliemann, the german archaeologist who excavated the city of troy; and the british author t.h. white.

the luxurious graves are, frankly, pretty luxurious.

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i imagine that ancient delphi looked like this at its height, with the treasuries from each city lined up one next to the other displaying their gifts to the temple.

graves of orthodox priests.


the newer section of the cemetery is more plain and more crowded. also, unlike the older section, the newer section’s headstones usually incorporate photographs somehow, with a mix of modern and older photos.

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there also are a lot of cats.

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of course, this is a working cemetery. in the 90 minutes i was there, i saw two funeral processions, and there were another two waiting to go.

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