all roams lead to rhodes

this probably will be the most objectionable pun i put on this blog.

this past weekend, a group of us went to rhodes. some initial impressions first; tomorrow, i’ll provide the details.

we enter the medieval old town, a unesco world heritage site. while the city has a history stretching back 2500 years, parts of the old town date back more than 700 years.
looking up at the ramparts of the castle of the knights of the order of st. john, who came to the island in 1307 a.d. – just imagine the battles these walls have seen!
through the walls into the old town, into the bazaar of the old ottoman quarter.
the bazaar today.
maybe better just to keep looking up. the clock tower, built 1852.
let’s look for romance instead.   through dimly-lit alleys that are nearly
  unchanged from 500 years ago …
… and back to more tourist tat.
a quick meal after sight-seeing.
more tomorrow!