11 february 2011

pages from the husbands of chennai “(most of) 2011 calendar”

the “husbands of chennai” is a loose group of the male spouses and partners of the foreign service officers in chennai. for all of us, chennai is the first post where there were more than one or two other male spouses, and a few of us decided to start having lunches together. somehow this association morphed into a recognized club, at first among the consulate community and then in the press (in an article most notable for its inaccuracies, such as the statement that the club is open to the public, or that i was eating pizza.  my quote is completely fabricated). 

a few months ago, a nonprofit organization that some friends support released a calendar featuring male models. either at the calendar’s release party or some time around that event, one of the single female officers asked me “when are the husbands of chennai going to release their calendar?” (there is now a debate over who suggested this, and when – what’s the quote, “failure is an orphan but success has a thousand fathers”?)  it was just a joke, but it launched a 10-month calendar which i shot (except for my own photograph, which abby took, and one that was sent in from the states) and that we’re going to sell tonight in time for valentine’s day. for some reason, the times of india decided this was worth covering on page 2 of today’s edition, but the forgot to mention that we’re donating the profits to the animal shelter.  

we’ve said, in the article and elsewhere, that it’s a 10-month calendar because there are only 10 male spouses and partners, but the truth is we just were too disorganized to get it done before the first of the year.