More on the dog project

Our group had its second meeting last night. We discussed some strategy and next steps, and – based on a conversation that I and my Albanian counterpart, Mimi, had had with a local attorney – I explained how to incorporate: that we needed to name a board of directors and an executive director, and draft and file the necessary papers (and pay the attorney for her services). I was the only one to volunteer then and there to serve either as one of the directors or as the executive. This was strange, considering that I’m not even the most ardent of the advocates for stray dogs. (The German woman, Edith, who’d had the same idea to start a movement that I did is kind of nuts about the cause, but not even she raised her hand.)

Granted, this is not a light undertaking; and some people have concern about possible unintended legal obligations; and we have to make sure we find the right people for the various jobs, and not just find people who are more enthusiastic than capable; still, I’d expected a fight for leadership positions, not a backing-away. I remember going to a swimming pool when I was around 12 years old and being very excited to jump off the 10-foot board, until I climbed up the ladder and stood on the suddenly very narrow, very flimsy plank. I ended up climbing back down the ladder; but that was then, and I didn’t expect a tableful of committed adults to do the same thing now.

Edith also told us that the city had culled dogs in the Park. Abby and I had noticed that one of the dozen or so dogs that we “know” had what looked like a bullet wound in her leg, and Edith, who regularly feeds the dogs, said that many of them no longer came around for food. She and I talked about the different dogs that we both know, and I realized that half of Cooper’s “friends” could have been shot, since I hadn’t seen them for a few days either. It was a very painful night, but fortunately, four of them turned up this morning, and the other two may be around somewhere. Yet even if it was a false alarm after all, it’s clear we have a lot of work to do, so anyone who can help us fund-raise is more than welcome to do so.