Egypt 4: Luxor, next day

First, let me say that despite the fantastic antiquities, and other than the Winter Palace (now the Winter Palace Hotel), Luxor is not a particularly nice place. Unlike Cairo, there’s nothing to do except either be a tourist or cater to one. It’s a major stop on package tours, and our hotel was full of Brits ordering their fish and chips and lager; and when we went for a walk, we passed a row of English-style pubs and restaurants serving British fare. There were even two jewelry stores side by side called (no joke) “Yorkshire Bob’s” and “Lancaster Jimmy’s”. I…

But is it art?

No, but it beats spending all of my time playing on-line backgammon: I’ve taken up oil painting again after a hiatus of seven years. This is week one’s output: (I realize that this is the electronic equivalent of putting my work up on the refrigerator, but what the hell.)