as you can see in the last post, the wildebeest are often accompanied by zebras; and if i’d been on this safari while i was in high school, i’d have majored in zoology at college and studied them. in addition to looking really fabulous – according to wikipedia, it really is white stripes and bellies on a black coat – they are remarkably social animals.  they move in herds (“harems”, usually one stallion and 5-6 mares) by themselves, but they also accompany other foragers on their travels.  we frequently saw lines of wildebeest plodding across the plain with a few zebras standing lookout:

perhaps it’s the uniform.

they’re also very vocal – we heard them whinnying and barking all night long. not the noise i’d expected them to make.

20130117_Tanzania_155 20130117_Tanzania_158 20130118_Tanzania_393
look at that face. one theory is that the stripes serve as camouflage. which body does the head go with?
20130115_Tanzania_266 20130116_Tanzania_308
honestly, these guys will hang out with anyone.

again, i could post a hundred photos of zebras, but i’ll do that later.

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