mykonos: windmills

in the 16th century, the venetians, who occupied mykonos for approximately 300 years, built windmills on the island to mill wheat. mykonos is sometimes referred to as “the island of wind.” given the number of times i had to chase my hat across the parking lot, i can attest to the accuracy of that.

lately, i am a fan of the “one camera, one lens” philosophy, which means no wide angle or zoom lenses. this makes getting all of the windmills into one shot very difficult; hence, i had to go for a more “artistic” approach.

windmills at sunset:

20150825_mykonos_313 20150824_mykonos_058 20150825_mykonos_395
20150825_mykonos_318 20150825_mykonos_414 20150825_mykonos_350

and at sunrise:

20150825_mykonos_019 20150825_mykonos_006
20150825_mykonos_016 20150825_mykonos_045



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