bangaru street

i would like this photo more if there weren’t five motorcycles in it. photographers: i can’t get my two monitors to calibrate the same way, so if this photo is either too contrasty or not contrasty enough, please send me an e-mail. thanks.

street photography in london

i recently took a one-week workshop at the london school of photography on photojournalism and street photography.  some of the results: the course was good for explaining the mindset of photojournalists and street photographers, but no course will get you past the fact that street shooting isn’t easy.  after five days, i had only a dozen photos worth keeping.

kathman-two: bhaktapur

this post is rated “m” for mature audiences only. on day two, we visited bhaktapur, a historic town just outside kathmandu. it’s a living town, albeit a heavily touristed one, and a unesco world heritage site. the architecture is remarkable. the entry to the historic town (just past the ticket booth) opens onto a wide square ringed with temples and administrative buildings. it looks almost artificial, like a theme park version of nepal. once past this, however, you will find the actual shops and houses. now, i must admit that one problem of living in india is that i’ve seen…