because no one goes on safari to see the rock agama.
because no one goes on safari to see the rock agamas.

the cats of the serengeti: within an hour of arriving in the serengeti, our guide took us to a set of rocks where the lionesses hung out, and over the course of our stay we went back again and again to see what the cats were doing. we also came across lions as we followed the wildebeest: the lions go where the food is.

sometimes, it helped to follow other vehicles.  we found four cheetah cubs when we pulled up alongside one carload of safari-goers; and when our scout heard from a passing driver that a leopard had killed a wildebeest and dragged the carcass up a tree, we were able to find him without too much difficulty. however, it was just by chance that we found some cheetahs that had just killed a wildebeest. the sight was amazing: well-fed and happy, the cats were alert for hyenas that might come in to try to steal their bounty, but they didn’t feel the need to run away when we got close.

on to the photos: first, the lions, because we saw the most of them.

20130116_Tanzania_384 series

20130117_Tanzania_291 20130117_Tanzania_274 20130118_Tanzania_748
20130118_Tanzania_647 20130118_Tanzania_713 20130116_Tanzania_398

other cats: you have your cute cheetahs …

20130116_Tanzania_123 20130116_Tanzania_339

you have your predatory cheetahs …

20130118_Tanzania_835 20130118_Tanzania_811 20130118_Tanzania_852

and you have your leopards (finally).

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