live at the apollo (part 1)

imagewe were on aegina island (which is itself a story for another time), and saw this pillar sticking up over the trees while we were at lunch. so, off to investigate.

the temple of apollo at aegina, with its sole remaining column pointing to the sky, was built in the 6th century b.c. it was excavated at the turn of the 20th century.

image image image

i’m sure there will be many more temples of apollo to photograph in the next three years.

ας μάθουμε λίγα ελληνικά!

we are moving to athens this summer, and we went to larissa, about four hours north of the city, for a one-week language immersion course.  greece, as anyone who is paying attention knows, is in the midst of a deep economic crisis.  the numbers suggest that the country is finally pulling out of it, having recorded a primary surplus and re-entered the international bond market; nonetheless, for the average person, the economic contraction and high unemployment of the past 6-7 years remains a constant.  i was curious to see first-hand how the crisis “looked” on the streets, and while every block has at least one storefront that is vacant, to me the graffiti was more interesting.  it is everywhere: in alleys, on storefronts, on private houses, even on churches.  with that in mind, ας μάθουμε λίγα ελληνικά! (let’s learn a little greek!)

20140409_larissa_028 20140409_larissa_049 20140412_larissa_064
this first one translates roughly to “f— the state.” here we have some boys kicking their fallen friend in front of “stand against state terrorism” last, “s— to fascists” next to posters of alex tsipras, head of the leading leftist anti-establishment party, syriza.

culture awaits!