elephants, flamingos, giraffes, hyenas and jackals

from cats and dung beetles we quickly move on through the next few letters of the alphabet …

first, a breeding herd of elephants, and they’re breeding. no, that’s not the baby elephant’s trunk in the last photo.

20130116_Tanzania_198 20130116_Tanzania_203 20130116_Tanzania_227

then onto flamingos. barely pink flamingoes, but flamingos nonetheless.

20130118_Tanzania_507 20130118_Tanzania_515 20130118_Tanzania_510

the giraffes are very graceful, in an awkward way.

20130116_Tanzania_283     20130116_Tanzania_277
20130116_Tanzania_310 20130116_Tanzania_294 20130116_Tanzania_280

jackals are part of the canine family, while hyenas aren’t, and if there were any “i” animals, i didn’t spot them. check out the teeth!

20130117_Tanzania_219 20130115_Tanzania_243 20130115_Tanzania_247
20130118_Tanzania_052 20130118_Tanzania_062

and that’s enough of the safari for now.

next: something that isn’t the safari.