the foundation operates a number of schools in the neighborhoods of las golondrinas. during my visits, many of the students wanted their portraits taken.

i got to see a variety of activities: sports day (which included dance lessons), geography lessons, art lessons, computer classes … overall, the kids seemed engaged and happy. watching them rush into the school after their lunch break was pretty amazing – they were excited to be back. there also was a team of students from a private school who came by to distribute donations of rice to the neighborhood. (unfortunately, my spanish wasn’t good enough to get the full story on this.)

the schools offer free dental care for students, courtesy of the local dental school.

Momenta's Project Colombia 2016

the school’s rooftop playing field needed rehabilitation. the staff had the idea redo the field with rubberized material and sell advertising space on it to whomever would sponsor the work, since passengers on medellín’s cable cars would see it every time they passed over.

school construction, managed by foundation architects.

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