fountains, flames, and really tall buildings

in the shadow of burj khalifa – the dubai tower, the world’s tallest building at 160 stories – you’ll find the dubai fountain. the dubai fountain is about as far away from the desert you can get in every way except physically. according to the burj khalifa website, enjoy an enchanting performance of light and water set to the music of arabian, classical and world music. the dubai fountain is set in the 30-acre burj khalifa lake in the heart of downtown dubai. it is 275 metres (900 feet) long, with five circles of varying sizes, two central arcs, water…


abby and i visited dubai on our way to tanzania (more to come on this).  we spent the afternoon dune-busting: pile into a 4×4, drive into a pristine desert, and hit the dunes. one pristine desert 4x4s see the desert at a new angle while trying to not slam into the car window with your lens next: fountains, flames, and really tall buildings