have we got signs!
have we got signs!

i will miss the signs in chennai.  they were part of the intense visual detail that drew me to the walls project, but moreover, they’re revealing in their own right. while plenty of signs use indian models to advertise merchandise, cola, eyeglasses, etc., you still find some signs using blond, white models, and usually these models have absolutely nothing to do with the products being advertised.

20120112_Daily_218 20101222_Daily_176
as i noted in an earlier post, it’s nice to see someone get so excited over flame retardant p.v.c.-insulated wires and cables. (the company’s iso 9100 certified!)

i think the older signs are more useful. you might not know exactly what you want, but you’ll know whether the shop has it or not.

20130517_Daily_004 20120913_Daily_016
20130614_Daily_003 20130614_Daily_009 20130614_Daily_017
if anyone knows what the things in the second-row middle and right photographs are, let me know.

the sportstar tabloid

on may 25, 2012, the hindu newspaper ran this advertisement. the text begins:

we are a crazy cricket nation.

amidst all the fireworks this ipl [indian premier league], there are a few ticking time bombs. a recent sting operation has revealed that cricket’s old nemesis, fixing, may have infected the ipl. …

it’s true there are numerous allegations of corruption and match-fixing in the ipl, but the ad displays u.s. dollars and, as i’ve circled in the ad, an israeli shekel note as the associated currencies: in other words, this advertisement suggests that the problems of corruption in the ipl are caused by the americans and the israelis.

i’m trying to come up with a reaction that doesn’t have the words “fuck them” in it.