Back to the salt mines

Actually, salt fields; one January afternoon, we visited salt fields on the Gulf of Thailand. The salt makers let the water flow into three rows of salt pools, and then evaporate them, using windmills to pump the water from one field to another. Once the water evaporates, the salt makers use a steamroller to flatten the pool bed, and then they start again.

Textures of Lad Prao

More photos from the “oh, yeah, I’m supposed to be maintaining a blog” series … Lad Prao is a traditional neighborhood along the edge of the Lad Prao canal (คลอง, pronounced “khlong”). The neighborhood is slowly being abandoned and demolished for new, higher-income housing. The demolition, and condition of the buildings generally, provide opportunities for abstract/textural work.

Yeah, we got that

There’s a section of Bangkok’s Chinatown called Talat Noi that is filled with small industrial concerns. You go there for steel construction material, hardware and the like. It all seems pretty organized until you get to the streets where the used auto parts stores are. Then things get funky. I have been fascinated by Talat Noi since I first visited it in September. There are scores of stores, one after the other, all selling what look to be the same things. How do all these stores stay in business? How does anyone know what their inventory is? Who buys and…

The Sanctuary of Truth

Last stop of the day: the Sanctuary of Truth. The Sanctuary of Truth is a wooden temple that features carvings representative of ancient Hindu and Buddhist teachings. “The concept of truth and value of life has been crystallized and shown to the public through the works of arts and architectural sculpture that reflects the philosophy of living,” says the brochure. The temple contains an enormous number of figures including representations of the four elements; the Hindu godhead of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva; Bodhisattvas from Mahayana Buddhism, and various celestial beings. The project’s owners began working in 1981, and construction is scheduled…