September 24, 2017

A few street shots

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while I work on other projects.

December 4, 2016

truck furniture maker

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as in many countries i’ve visited, having an english-language t-shirt is a status symbol; it doesn’t matter what the t-shirt actually says. i passed a woman on the down escalator while i was going up whose t-shirt read “TRUCK FURNITURE MAKER.”  (there actually is someone called “truck furniture maker” on Facebook, so maybe she is also a truck furniture maker; but she probably isn’t.)

other notables included the woman with the “VENICE BTACH” t-shirt; the sweet-faced, adorable young couple on qingsheng mountain wearing t-shirts reading “WE LOVE TO DO THE WILD THING” and “YOU FUCK’N ASSHOLE” – and my favorite:

if anyone knows what this is supposed to mean, let me know.

June 21, 2015

abandoned carnival figures, or massive chunks of styrofoam weirdness

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20150619_Daily_075 20150619_Daily_026 20150619_Daily_004
20150619_Daily_017 20150619_Daily_022 20150619_Daily_025
20150619_Daily_054 20150619_Daily_028 20150619_Daily_031
20150619_Daily_056 20150619_Daily_060 20150619_Daily_042

August 14, 2014

οι άνεργες

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January 4, 2014

going through old photos

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20110100_Delhi_027-Edit-Edit-Editnew delhi

September 7, 2013

back in new york

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we’re actually back in d.c. – which means this is no longer an india photoblog, exactly – but we stopped in new york.


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