Under the sea

We visited Western Australia for Thanksgiving. Apart from enjoying wine in the Margaret River Valley, there isn’t a lot to do south of Perth. This is Busselton Jetty, the longest wooden jetty (at 1841 meters) in the Southern Hemisphere. It has an underwater observatory. I started experimenting with film again, which is more fun to shoot than pixels (and I’m happier with not having several hundred of just slightly different views of whatever it is I’m standing in front of at the time), but the colors aren’t nearly as intense, nor are the photos as sharp, as the photo to…

a mosaic of impressions

(i was in romania for a photography workshop, and my instructor encouraged me to think in a less literal way about how i organize my photos. he suggested that i avoid being strictly categorical and that i instead organize my photos more loosely – in a more impressionistic or visually thematic manner. with that in mind:) i’ll keep experimenting. feel free to comment on this.

havana, part 1

recently, i visited cuba with a group of photographers. with more than 3,000 photos to review, it will take me a while to complete my blog posts on this trip, and longer if i want to actually write something perceptive about the experience … the travel restrictions are still in place, so we were there on a general religious license, which required us to visit churches and charities as part of our activities. i was eager to go, because i wanted to see cuba before the travel restrictions are lifted and planeloads of american tourists overrun the island. this seems…

the beehive tombs of mycenae – with the diana lens

recently, we visited mycenae, which, in the second millennium b.c., was one of greece’s major cities. according to myth, mycenae was founded by the hero perseus, who slew the gorgon medusa. mycenae was also where the bloody events of the house of atreus took place: atreus began his reign by trying to kill his brother, thyestes; his son, agamemnon, became king and went to war against troy after his brother’s wife, helen, ran off to troy with paris, and when the winds wouldn’t blow to send his ships to sea, he decided to sacrifice his daughter, iphigenia, to appease the…

let’s go to the market with a 20mm lens

this is the public market in athens between monastiraki and omonoia square, for those of you who know the area. you can buy olives here … … or here. at the cheaper end of the spectrum. not everyone sells olives, of course. at the meat market. some butchers are busy others, not so much. you can’t get as much of the goat as you could get in india, but some things are the same.